Increasing LTV with dynamic retargeting for clothing retailer


Client: Brand clothing retailer

Task: Increasing customer LTV by introducing new products to existing customers


1. Creating a custom audience of past website visitors:

  • Users who care about their appearance, lead an active life or are too busy with their career to have time to shop
  • Young users who are interested in fashion and dislike in-person shopping
  • Users loyal to the brand

2. Geolocation targeting - cities where the client’s delivery is available

3. Setting up a dynamic retargeting campaign for customers who recently made a purchase from the client’s online store

4. Using dynamic ads representing related products and accessories

5. Retargeting potential customers from Facebook and Instagram using carousel ads


  • The customer LTV increased by 125,4%
  • The number of repeat purchases increased by 173,8% compared to the previous period
  • The average number of page views increased to 4,26 pages