Performance-based campaign for insurance company


Client: Insurance company which provides health insurance for individuals

Task: Acquiring new members and growing lifetime value of current members


1. Using the information gained through the client's analytical tools to allocate audience insights. Improving targeting settings with the help of these insights.

2. Launching native advertising campaign focused on aquisition of new members: a message concerning the topic how to choose a transparent insurance plan with fair price.

3. Basing on the data of the client's CRM-system starting a display advertising campaign concentrated in letting existing members know about new conditions for existing plans. Those who continue their insurance plan for the next term will have an opportunity to chose a new option icluded into the price.

4. Setting up retargeting based on the lists of users who spent more than 2 minutes on the site or viewed more than 2 pages per session. Personalized retargeting message drawing on the previous experience on the website.

5. Utilizing Facebook ads in the news feed to promote posts with the reviews of satisfied members in order to win the trust of potential members.

6. Dynamic search ads launch to catch unique searches of users included in the target audience segments.


  • 24,3% reduce in CPL
  • 32,7% increase in the number of requests for consultation on the available plans for health insurance
  • 125,2% increase in the number of retained members comparing to the previous period