Custom data segments for Hyundai dealership


Client: Hyundai dealership

Task: Increasing sales of Hyundai Solaris with special offer from dealer


1. Using NT DMP platform in order to allocate target audience segments consisting of users with the following behavioral features:

  • looking for a new car in mid-lower price range
  • looking through the topics dedicated to choosing a car
  • interested in Hyundai cars
  • took an interest in Hyundai Solaris or competitive models

2. Launching display advertising campaign with customized ads and special offer from car dealership.

3. Advertising on YouTube. Utilizing 30-seconds video ad with a companion banner offering a test-drive. Applying geo-targeting settings which allowed us to spread our advertising efforts to potencial customers of designated area.

4. Displaying lead ads on Instagram Stories. After sending a completed form, potential customers confirmed receiving a call-back from Hyundai dealership.

5. Optimizing digital campaign strategies throughout the campaign period.


  • Audience involvement on the client's website confirmed by good quality of traffic: the page viewed per session indicator increased to 3,1 pages comparing to other advertising channels
  • Targeting strategies provided CTR of 0,41%
  • 27,3% increase in the number of calls to the dealership compared to the previous period