Programmatic for sport club


Client: Sport club chain

Task: Increasing the number of new members


1. Geo-fencing setting up for the whole campaign: targeting users who live or work close to the club.

2. Utilizing native ads offering the best program for those who are interested in healthy lifestyle.

3. Search ads with restriction on the specific areas of the city.

4. Lead ads on Instagram and Facebook. By filling special form the user could choose between an invitation to 2 free trainings or 1 personal training with an instructor.

5. Retargeting on social media. Dislaying ads with a special offer for the exact membership program the user was interested on the website.


  • Total calls and requests number increased by 214.52%, compared to the period before the advertising campaign
  • 14,9% growth in the number of new members
  • 19,6% increase in the daily visits