Video advertising for packaged juice manufacturer


Client: Packaged fruit juice manufacturer

Task: Brand campaign for increasing juice brand recognition after rebranding


1. Implementing brand lift tool for campaign brand impact measurement. Performing initial assessment of brand awareness level.

2. Using targeting options based on potential customers' interests:

  • healthy nutrition
  • sports, keeping fit
  • leading active lives
  • natural and organic products

3. Launching video advertising campaign via NT Programmatic Platform in order to cover the majority of video inventory placed on popular websites.

4. Displaying animated banners with personalized content which is different for particular demographic segments of target audience. Demonstrating colorful creatives based on flavor characteristics to young audience, and displaying natural and quality features for adult audience.


  • Target audience outreach amounted to 94,6%
  • Brand inquiries volume increased by 198,2%
  • Total sales dynamics changed: the average monthly increase amounted to 102,2% -108,5%