Display Advertising

Display Advertising

One of the most efficient methods of ads placement on the Internet is display advertising on Programmatic basis. Display advertising is characterized by the capability to accomplish image and brand goals.

Our Programmatic Platform allows to: 

  • use Big Data (first-party, second-party and third-party data)
  • run advertising campaigns across all the online media channels through a single interface
  • set complex targeting
  • integrate data into CRM and call-tracking systems forming a single ecosystem
  • integrate data into Trading Desk
  • get connected to more than 200 Ad Networks and 24 SSPs
  • have access to ad placement on more than 3 000 000 websites all over the world
  • optimize the necessary channels usage and tools automatically depending on the campaign objectives

Ad Networks used:

  • Google AdX
  • Facebook FBX 
  • OpenX 
  • MyTarget 
  • Yandex SSP 
  • AdRiver 
  • Begun 
  • Begun and >200 Ad Networks

Additional capabilities:

  • analytics and modeling of user behaviour
  • available analytics of your competitors
  • digital products and creatives development
  • cross-channel online optimization