Mobile Advertising

mobile adv

Today’s mobile is characterized by high level of daily engagement of users on their smartphones and tablets when searching for information, looking for a place to go or making purchases. Mobile engagement growth entails mobile technology improvement in Mobile Advertising on a regular basis that instantly impacts private user environment.

Benefits of
Mobile Advertising:
Для чего нужна мобильная реклама
  • Image metrics improvement
  • Mobile apps promotion
  • Website conversion drive
  • Maximizing campaign audience
Technical capabilities of our
platform within Mobile Advertising:
  • More than 50 targeting capabilities – from
    mobile carrier to category of the apps downloaded
  • Detailed statistics available in real time
  • Technology of traffic quality control
  • All mobile analytics tools support
  • Instant technical optimization to achieve 98-100% Fill Rate
Mobile Advertising formats
  • Mobile video
  • Social Media
  • Real-time bidding
  • Search