Video Advertising

Increasingly, consumers are shifting from TV to digital platforms, which makes digital video advertising more relevant. Video ads allow the demonstration of a product in a clear and efficient way delivering engaging advertising messages. Unlike traditional commercials, Programmatic Video Ads allow for highly focused targeting and measurable video across any digital channels boosting operational efficiency. According to researches, annual growth of algorithmic purchases of video ads has increased up to 43,9%, proving online video ads are gaining popularity rapidly.

Benefits of Programmatic
Video Advertising:
  • Driver for brand proposes
  • Amplified engagement metrics
  • The highest average CTR (5.00 %) among media digital formats
  • Expanding of audience reach
Video Ad formats:
  • Expandable video
  • Pre-roll
  • Pause-roll
  • In-display
Technical capabilities
of our platform:
  • Number of impressions per unique visitor limit
  • Extremely precise targeting
  • Non-converted website visitors and competitors’ customers retargeting
  • Brand Lift surveys
  • TV Sync setting: simultaneous digital and TV channels synchronization
  • Cross-channel Video Ads
Websites and platforms engaged:
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Vkontakte
  • Smart TV and >1 000 platforms more
RTB video sources